Sunday, August 10, 2014

NIFTY Intraday Prediction for 11-08-2014

Prediction : (11-08-2014)
".........Wherever NIFTY opens, NIFTY could move with negative direction till 12:03, then volatile movements with positive bias till 13:26 and then we can see up movement till the end of last session..."


Tomorrow Moon will enter Kumbha Rashi in Dhanishta Nakshshtra of Mars. Mars is in movable(action) airy(confusion) sign of Libra(desire, kama) in Swati Nakshatra of Rahu, that means volatile actions on both sides... Mars is nearing his bitter enemy Exalted Saturn.... Significations of Mars has been already deduced by you... 2-6-11 for bulls and 5-8-12 for bears... indicating their could be range bound NIFTY, equal tug of war between bulls and bears.... However as Mars becomes 12th CSL will try to help bears more...

Now how can Sub sequence of Moon during Intra day effect Mars significations... lets see..

Moon Transit:

Mars Star - Mercury Sub : 09:15 - 12:03
Mars Star - Ketu sub : 12:03 - 13:26
Mars Star - Venus Sub : 13:26 - 15:30

Mercury is the lord 1 and 10, placed in 11th but conjoined with 12th lord Sun. Mercury is in own Star and sub of Jupiter. Jupiter is the Lord of 4 and 7 and placed in 11th house and is in star of Saturn who rules 5 and 6 and placed in 2nd house. Saturn aspects 12th lord Sun (10th aspect). Significations of both 2-6-11 and 5-12 Volatile movements during this period with negative bias or negative direction also as Mercury is in Movable Sign, and Mercury conjoined with 12th Sun.

There is no planet in the star of Ketu and hence signifies 7, aspected by Jupiter(4-7-11), is in the star of Mercury(1-10-11) (conj Sun(12)), is in the sub of Saturn(2-5-6),Saturn aspects 12th lord Sun (10th aspect). and Saturn is in the star of Jupiter(4-7-11), Significations of both 2-6-11 and 5-12 again, Ketu is in Dual Sign, and hence volatile movements with positive bias,

Venus becomes 2nd Cusp Sub Lord tomorrow...No planets in the star of Venus and hence signifies 2-9-11 at planetary level, Venus aspects 5th House, Venus entered Saturn star(2-5-6) and Saturn sub, Saturn aspects 12th lord Sun (10th aspect). Saturn is in the star of Jupiter(4-7-11), Significations of both 2-6-11 and 5-12 again, but I feel Venus strong as she is on the 11th Cusp and Lord of 2nd and is in a Movable Sign, and hence expecting some positive direction during this period.

Sub Sequence Summary:
I feel among Mercury,Ketu and Venus, Venus is looking strongest and Mercury is being little weaker due to its conjunction with 12th Sun.

".........Wherever NIFTY opens, NIFTY could move with negative direction till 12:03, then volatile movements with positive bias till 13:26 and then we can see up movement till the end of last session..."

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Short Term NIFTY prediction between 11-08-2014 to 02-11-2014:

Prediction :
"... we are heading for short term correction, market is likely to bottomed out around first week of October, 2014, then we will see rise again till the end of October, 2014 ... fall should be low and rise should be high..."

We know that in Krishnamurth Padhdhati (KP) 2-6-11 significators create wealth, whereas significators of 5-8-12 create depreciation in wealth. Following snapshots shows weekly KP significator tables for each Monday between 04-08-2014 to 02-11-2014, at 09:15AM, for NSE coordinates.

Assumption :
When we move forward from week to week, if number of signifcators of 2-6-11 increases, bulls will start dominating and vice versa, and when both becomes equal then there will be pause or consolidation.

From below snapshots, we can notice that 2-6-11 significators being decreasing and 5-8-12 being increasing till 29-09-2014 and on 06-10-2014 they became more or less equal and then sudden increase in 2-6-11 significators from 13-10-2014 till the end of October month.

Magnitude of fall or raise:
Will fall and raise be of equal magnitude? I think fall will be less and rise will be high... because number of 5-8-12 significators are less during correction, but number of 2-6-11 significators are more during rise...

Timing Accuracy:
Timing Accuracy could be around 70%, that is tolerance of +/- one week, if we erect chart for every working day during this period, then timing accuracy can be improved to 95%, with tolerance of +/- one day.

Software Settings:
KP Ayanamsa, Mean Node, Geographic Latitude and Nutation off.
Suggestions, corrections, improvements and comments are most welcome...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Intraday prediction for NIFTY on 30-07-2014...

Nifty Opening Time Chart(09:15M) Analysis:

Well, tomorrow on (30-07-2014) Moon will transit fixed & fiery sign of Leo ruled by Sun, in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra ruled by Venus and Venus is transiting in Dual and Airy sign of Gemini. Blending all these characteristics we can assume that tomorrow traders will be in dual Mind, little inertness and aggression... will there be any direction with this kind of mindset?

Let's find out...

Well from the table, we can notice that tomorrow Venus will become CSL of 2nd Cusp. Venus is the lord of 3rd and 10th placed in 10th house. Venus will be in Jupiter star and Jupiter Sub itself tomorrow. Jupiter is the lord of 5th and 8th placed in 11th house with exaltation state.So Venus is strong significator of 11th and 5th and weak significator of 8th, as Ketu occupies 8th house. I expect Venus is favoring bulls tomorrow especially after commencement of Jupiter's sub(13:30 after).

Tomorrow Mercury becomes CSL of both 5th and 11th Cusps, Mercury is lord of 2nd and 11th placed in 11th, signifying 5-8-11 through star lord Jupiter, which is very favourable for Bulls only...

Many planets are in good mood...

So overall I expect some positive direction tomorrow with positive opening and positive day for the bulls... volatile upward movement...

Friday, May 30, 2014

Nifty Intraday View for 30-05-2014(Friday)...

Well, today on 30-05-2014(Friday).... as shown in NIFTY opening time chart , Moon is transiting second half of Mrigasira Nakshatra of Mars in Gemini. And Mars is transiting in Moon's Nakshatra and hence Moon and Mars are in Nakshatra Parivartana yoga. Moon is in 12th house today along with Mercury and Jupiter, we know that Mercury is Lagna lord and Jupiter is been Lagna Star lord of Lagna.... as of now all these factors favours bears only... Lets check what today's Moon star ...lord Mars has to say... to confirm further...

Today Moon's star lord Mars becomes Cuspal Sub lord of 2-7-8, and signifying 12-2 and connected with 6-11, well it seems some equal tug of war between bulls and bears, with little domination of bears over bulls. Range bound Kind of market is been indicated by Mars. Let's move further to Sub Lord sequence.

Well, what today's Sub Lord sequence has to say... ohh... today also same Sub Lords sequence of Merc-Ketu-Venus... Lets check, how they are different today from yesterday's indications...

Well, Mercury and Ketu does not become Cuspal sub lords to any cusp. However, Mercury signifies 6-11-12 and Ketu signifies 10 and as agent of Venus and Mars signifying 2-5-8-12... seems bears domination during these two periods.

Today Venus becomes Cuspal sub lord of 1-5 and signifies 10-5-12... certainly not good for bulls... continuation of Bears domination during this period also...

Conclusion: Bears domination throughout the day.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

NIFTY Intraday Views for 29-05-2014 (Thursday)...

Today on 29-05-2014, Moon is transiting iin her own star of Rohini.

As shown in chart below, Moon is in 11th house along with Sun. Today Moon becomes Cuspal Sub lord of 2-7-10 and hence seems to be good for Bulls only.

Let's check Moon's sub lord sequence within today's intraday period. Sub lord sequence is same as it was yesterday, Mercury-Ketu-Venus, of course today these planets has to play different roles as per their Cuspal Sub Lordships... right. Let's check...

Today Mercury does not become Cuspal Sub lord to any Cusp, however signifying 6-11-12, indicating somewhat good for bulls.

Well, Ketu today becomes sub lord of 5-11 and signifying 10, means very positive for Bulls... but as he is the agent of Venus(5-12) who is still in conjunction with Ketu, some profit booking at higher levels during this period....

and finally Venus, today Venus becomes Cuspal Sub Lord of Lagna itself and signifying 5-10-12, and thus limiting the range of profits.

Overall, NIFTY should close in GREEN only, as Moon is positive for the bulls today. As Moon is in an Earthy sign of Taurus whose Keyword is "Slow and Steady"...  then you know how NIFTY could rise today... "Patience" should be the key rule to  day traders today...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nifty Intraday Views for 28-05-2014(Wednesday)...

Well today, Moon is transiting Taurus in Krittika Nakshatra of Sun, and Moon is also with Sun.... and both Moon and Sun are in Nakshatra Parivartana yoga...

From chart shown above, Moon Star Lord Sun becomes Cuspal Sub lord of 2-7-10 and signifying 2-3-11, looking Good for Bulls...

What does Moon's sub lords have to say... today's sub lord sequence is Mercury-Ketu-Venus.

Well, Mercury becomes Cuspal Sub Lord of 5-11 and signifying 6-11-12... Good for bulls only...

Ketu, is not Cuspal Sub lord for any Cusp, Ketu is in close conjunction with Venus and hence should act like agent of Venus. Venus becomes Cuspal Sub Lord of 1-4-8 and signifies 5-10-12, hmmmm not looking good for bulls...

and finally Venus Sub, we had already discussed about Venus sub above... not looking good for bulls... as Ketu is agent for Venus, bears will be on full swing in its period only, during Venus Sub we should see recovery...

On overall, as Sun is looking Good , NIFTY should close in either GREEN or FLAT...

Friday, May 23, 2014

Nifty Intraday Views for 23-05-2014(Friday)...

Today on 23-05-2014, as shown in the chart below, though Moon will be transiting Jupiter's star, actually Moon will also cross from Aquarius sign to Pisces, i.e, from an Airy Sign to Watery Sign.

Luckily, today, Jupiter who is in own star become Cuspal Sub Lord of 5 and 11 and signifying 1-7-10. Good, NIFTY should try to close in GREEN only, unless supported by today's Moon's Sub Lords sequence of Sun-Moon-Mars and Rahu... 

Sun doesn't become CSL of any cusp, but he is in own star and signifying 3-11, good.... Moon become CSL of 6th Cusp and signifying 1-2-7-9-10, not bad,... Mars is not CSL of any Cusp, but signifying 2-3-6-9-11, Good... and finally Rahu is also not become CSL of any Cusp, but signifying 3-4-6-11... Good...

Out of all these Sub Lords Sun is looking very good, which will commence at the market opening time itself...

Over all, conclusion is that ... NIFTY Should close in GREEN only, even though loosing some of the gains...


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Intraday views for today(22-05-2014)...

From "NIFTY OPEINING TIME" Chart as shown above, we know that today Moon is transiting in Shatabhisha Nakshatra of Rahu. Good to see that today Rahu is the Cuspal Sub Lord of 11th house and signifying 3-4-6-11 also. So on overall, NIFTY should close in GREEN today.

Among the sub lords of MOON, which will operate today within todya's Intraday, Venus is looking in favour of Bears, as it is the Cuspal Sub lord of 12th Cusp and also signifying 1-4-5-10-12. This sub of MOON will operate between 09:29AM to 13:17PM hours. Sun sub is looking good.

Jupiter is the Cuspal Sub Lord of 1-2-4-7-10, very promising, indicating healthy participation of Bank Stocks today.... and as tomorrow Moon will be transiting Jupiter's star itself, so today itself BANK NIFTY Index should outperform.

Good Luck.


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