Monday, April 27, 2015

Nifty Intraday AstroTimes for 28-04-2015

Day_Traders_Diary: (Intraday Astro Times for Nifty )

||Mangala Vara, Shukla Dasami, Makha Nakshatra||

#IntradayAstroTimes :
#Tolerance: (+/- 5 mins)

#WesternAspects : at 09:15 AM
••[Moon 90° Saturn]** approaching
••[Moon 90° Sun]* approaching
••[Sun 150° Rahu]* approaching
••[Venus 60° Uranus] separating
••[Jupiter 150° Pluto]** approaching
••[Uranus 90° Pluto] separating

#RulingPlanets :

#SpecialGrahaYogas :
•• Nakshatra Parivartana Yoga between Venus and Mars**.
•• Two planets in exaltation state(Sun and Jupiter) while two other planets in own signs(Venus and Mars)

#Notes :
••Best applicable to 5 min time frame of Nifty.
••Total Number of stars behind any AstroTime indicates its importance.

••Observations suggest that direction of Nifty between two adjacent AstroTimes is unique. Direction can be up or down or sideways, but there is clear direction between two adjacent AstroTimes mentioned above.
••So we observe Visual Price Action near running AstroTime by considering two candles before and two candles after that running AstroTime to find out the direction in 5 min time frame of Nifty Chart; we observe total five candles; if you find any direction within these five candles then that direction should continue till next AstroTime. If you are unable to find any clear direction then leave it, Nifty might be in volatile, or in consolidation phase or in narrow range.

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